• Crisis on Infinite Earths Issue #7 (Matt) CBTM089

    Matt is reading through the historic maxi-series, Crisis on Infinite Earths, for the first time.  The original Crisis was released during 1985 and 1986, and was ultimately used to reboot the DC Universe. Issues #1-6 have been covered during other Event features of The Comic Book Time Machine, but Matt …

  • ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER 1-12 (Ben) – CBTM088

    With Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider getting time on the screen on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Ben takes at look at Robbie Reyes’ turn as the next version of the flaming skull-headed, fiery vehicle driving, supernaturally powered anti-hero! You can get more Agents of SHIELD podcast action by visiting WELCOME TO …

  • The Origin Story! (Group) – CBTM87

    This episode takes listeners back in time to before there was a Comic Book Time Machine.  Flashback to May 2014, and hear Ben and Matt have a Skype conversation all about what the Comic Book Time Machine podcast could be like.  Some things we discussed happened, but some things are …

  • FINALES AND NEW BEGINNINGS! Marvel Sci-Fi, August 1978 (Ben) – CBTM086

    Looking at all the Marvel licensed books cover dated August 1978, Ben reads: Star Wars #14 — THE SOUND OF ARMAGEDDON — 5:05-16:50 (The water world war finale) Human Fly #12 — ARNIE’S STORY — 16:50-37:05 (The untold story of a stuntman’s publicist…finally told!) Godzilla #13 — THE MEGA MONSTERS FROM BEYOND PART 2: …

  • DC Universe Rebirth (Matt) CBTM085

    On May 25th, 2016, DC Comics launched their Rebirth initiative.  Incorporating parts of The New 52 Universe with the pre-Flashpoint Universe, Rebirth aims at being the best of both worlds.  Filled with lots of heart, and some significant surprises, this comic was a great read.   In this episode, hear …

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  • SPORES AND SKULLS FROM SPACE! Marvel Sci-Fi, May 1978 (Ben) – CBTM080

    Looking at all the Marvel licensed books cover dated May 1978, Ben reads: the beginning of a new Star Wars epic; the beginning of a new John Carter epic; Human Fly’s team up (sort of) with Daredevil; Godzilla’s battle with a giant bigfoot; the Man from Atlantis’ battle with some spores; and Kirby’s Machine …

  • Christmas Time Comic Talk (Group) CBTM079

    In this episode, we present to you an ongoing conversation that Daniel and Matt had during a day of fun they shared together.  Listen as they discuss “Secret Wars,” “Star Wars,” and “Vader Down,” as well as open Christmas presents and visit their local comic shop.   Plus they give …


    As part of the Murphy Anderson tribute crossover with other comic book podcasts, The Comic Book Time Machine is taking a look at the Strange Adventures feature series “Atomic Knights”, a post-apocalyptic series about a men in medieval armor who ride giant dalmatians!

  • MONSTERS, MACHINES, AND…MIST? Marvel Sci-Fi, April 1978 (Ben) – CBTM077

    Looking at all the Marvel licensed books cover dated April 1978, Ben reads: the finale of the Star Wars “Seven Samurai in Space” story; the origin of Dejah Thoris; Human Fly’s team up with White Tiger; Godzilla’s attack on Vegas; the Man from Atlantis’ battle with some mist; a sci-fi one shot; and two books by Jack Kirby!

  • No World Escapes the Manhunters (Daniel) – CBTM076

    Daniel continues his quest to better understand one of his favorite comic heroes Mark Shaw by looking at his third appearance, *Justice League of America *141. The story from 1977, “No World Escapes the Manhunters!” by Steve Englehart sees the Justice League fighting the Manhunters on three fronts as the Manhunters attempt to discredit …

  • IDW’s G.I. Joe: The Fall of G.I. Joe Vol. 1 (Daniel) – CBTM066

    Daniel looks at another franchise from his childhood retranslated into comic form in IDW’s G.I. Joe: The Fall of G.I. Joe Volume One.  Daniel discusses his expectations for a property who’s strongest memories were tied to a cartoon and how his expectations were shattered.  And he includes his thoughts on …

  • Six Hot Comics, $15 Collector Value (Ben) – CBTM065

    Ben unwraps another sealed, blind polybag, this time with comics that are mostly by Top Cow, with one notable exception. Don’t read on if you want to experience the comics as Ben reveals what he’s about to read and then deep dives into this $3.99 bag that promises $15 of …

  • Knight Rider (Daniel) – CBTM064

    Daniel discusses Knight Rider: Volume 1 published by Lion Force Comics and IDW written by Geoffrey Thorne.  Daniel gives a thumbnail of the story.  And then he goes all 80s discussing differences in the story for the original television show, including what he liked and did not like.